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Why Contribute


Your contribution will directly benefit the residents of the Penn-North Community, like Keisha, a single mother of three children who live in this underpriviledged and bleak neighborhood in Baltimore, MD. Her family, like many others in Penn-North is desperately poor and unable to provide for themselves and grow as productive members of society. This stems from a lack of education, financial stability, social responsibility, and developmental opportunities in this community. On

a daily basis her family and many others face severe hunger, high crime, limited recreation and employment options in an unsafe and dismal environment.


Along with this impoverishment and despair comes the apathy and neglect in their surroundings of dilapidated buildings and abandoned lots on every block that stifle a progressive quality of life. Her life and many other lives will be changed for the better as a result of your financial gift. With your support, and the support of other caring sponsors like you, UNIFI will work to educate, train and provide financial opportunities for the parents and teens of the community while working with government agencies, organizations and members of the community to rehabilitate abandoned buildings and to reclaim the streets to create a safe and vibrant environment.

UNIFI is making great strides to tackle these threats while moving toward our goal of providing an increased quality of life for Penn-North residents by empowering residents through regaining a sense of personal well-being, reconstructing blighted properties and reclaiming their community, and will continue to do so with your help!


Your giving to UNIFI’s program will further promote the Mayor’s and other leaders’ efforts to develop and unify Baltimore.

About this Project

Join UNIFI in rebuilding our center to build our community! Activities include the reconstruction of a three story 2,271 square feet, uninhabitable building. Like many of the adjoining properties, the structure contributes to blight and eyesore rather than serving a function, least of all a center of community service and pride. The renovations are designed for function and energy efficiency. They include the first, second and third stories, facade improvements of the building, and the cleaning and greening of the location.


Once the property is rebuilt, it will be used as a center that will provide entrepreneurial and vocational training, and arts and cultural programs to accommodate economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs and other local residents.


Won’t you consider helping UNIFI to make an impact on a deserving community EVERY day!

Here's what your donation can accomplish!

$25 Funds permits and fees

$75 Funds debrish removal and site preperation

$125 Purchases material for the reconstruction

$250 Employs local skilled labor






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