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Acknowledging the inequity and inadequate conditions within low-to-moderate income communities throughout the District of Columbia, Baltimore Maryland, and in other global communities, the United Nation of Individuals Fighting Impossibilities (UNIFI) was established as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  

UNIFI's mission is to empower vulnerable individuals to break down barriers that have presented impossible situations, and have walled them from equitable access and opportunity.  So, to combat attrition and apathy, and to improve the quality of their life and socioeconomic conditions, UNIFI employs programs and social enterprises that provide equity opportunities in business and employment, medicine and health, food and agriculture, arts and entertainment, construction and housing, and volunteerism.

Food Equity and Economic Development (F.E.E.D.) Healthy & Ethnic Food Access and Education

Started in 2016, UNIFI’s focus on health, its relation to food access, and economic opportunity birthed a partnership with Virginia State University, local farmers, and area residents who launched two LLC pilots to build upon the local food justice movement in Ward 8, which furthers the National Pathways to Zero Hunger. One of these business has been featured on The partners provided agricultural/growing system construction training; hydroponic systems and raised beds construction. Access to healthy food options were furthered through the start of a healthy foods eatery in Anacostia. 

As a catalyst for food equity and economic development east of the Anacosita River in Washington, DC., UNIFI will be partnering with The Fresh Food Factory Market and other local health foods grocers and restaurants in providing fresh and ethnic food to residents in the food dessert and food swamp neighborhood of Washington, DC, specifically in wards 7 & 8.

Food donations will increase healthy food consumption and increase wages while reducing hunger and food waste along the supply chain. In the US, 40% of food is wasted, 1 out of every 6 Americans are hungry, and currently 1 in 5 children in Washington, DC are at risk of hunger. Ward 8 has a child poverty rate of 49 percent.

UNIFI’s food equity efforts further impact the local labor force through career training and income generation, specifically for aspiring food producers and distributors; who train to incorporate healthy ingredients into their menus, and trained in customer service and sales to sell fresh and prepared food to the FFF Market. UNIFI then compliments the Fresh food Factory Market’s access to healthier food options through the provision of food education and training to area resident.

Diamonds in the District

Creative Economy Program-Started in 2005, UNIFI sort to create a platform to highlight the talents of the resident of the District of Columbia. UNIFI was honored for its program, Diamonds in the District, through civic engagement and the arts, and highlighting the creativity and talent of the District’s residents. Diamonds in the District matched talent with skills through the provisions of mentors, finances and other opportunities to further their careers in the creative industries. UNIFI was recognized by Former Mayor Anthony Williams and Serve DC who chose to partner with the organization to implement this program for Youth Service Day.

Diamonds in the District sort to meet a greater need of creating a shift of the connotation of some of the District's neighbors and residents in media, to influence the culture and to create content that will uplift our youth and young adults and highlight them for their strengths and their positive contributions to society, the program evolved and participants were able gain varying video production training and certifications to showcase their craft.

Currently, Diamonds in the District is working on a project to memorialize people, organizations and entities that have impacted and increased the quality of life in DC. This is specifically important as our neighborhood are rapidly changing and the history and culture will not be highlighted and will be forgotten. Another goal of this project is to encourage visitors of the District to tour our amazing neighborhood beyond the monumental core.

The program gained further support from the Neighborhood Investment Fund, Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative, and the Humanities Council of Washington, DC, Luis Peralta Art and Design and the United Black Fund.  


Entrepreneurial Express

Entrepreneurship Program-Started in 2006, our entrepreneurship program drives the economical and social progress of residents in underserved communities in DC and in Baltimore, MD by teaching youth and young adults to become business oriented.  UNIFI has partnered with the DC Chamber of Commerce, Coalition for Nonprofit Housing & Economic Development and the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development, Baltimore Maryland's DLLR-Division of Workforce Development in facilitating business plan development, financial literacy, career development and other start-up support for small business and aspiring entrepreneurs. Participants of the Kauffman FastTrac training facilitated by UNIFI were awarded certificates upon business plan development and program completion. Additionally, UNIFI’s partnership with the DC Department of Employment Services and Maximus, has provided trainees workforce experience and placements. Participants that were placed with area businesses were hired after the training phase.   

This program will enhance UNIFI's multi-year offerings of business counseling and training to include industry specific technical assistance activities in the creative economy to include the culinary arts, construction/real estate development, professional service providers and other fields.


UNIFI will further promote economic equity and vitality for the under-served and under-valued Penn-North/Druid Heights community through the provision of technical assistance and accommodations for small and disadvantaged businesses at our location on West North Avenue.


These activities will further our vision to ameliorate health disparities in the Penn-North community through the elimination of unsafe and hazardous conditions while also decreasing economic inequalities and enhancing the aesthetic value of the community in relation to the city.


Mobile Medical Mission

S.T.E.A.M. Program-Started in 2006, our medical program affords youth and young adults the opportunity of shadowing physicians and nurses providing medical care and supplies, and conducting HIV/AIDS, nutrition and and other health and wellness workshops for individuals and families in need.

UNIFI’s health and mobile medical training has been supported by the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation and Howard University Hospital. Collectively, the entities provided awareness, training and treatment to our local communities and global communities in Nigeria, Africa. Participants received individuals certificates from the Nigerian Government for their participation in the health and mobile mission; creating makeshift clinics and assisting physicians and pharmacies to administering free health care in Abuja, Imo State and Lagos, Nigeria.  Locally UNIFI hosted school tours promoting health lifestyle behaviors and created a greater sense of awareness via a community concert featuring Janelle Monáe, Scar, Keisha Lu, Glenn Lewis and Jon B. The program was supported further by VIBE Magazine, Delta Airlines, the United Black Fund and Luis Peralta Art and Design.

The WARM UP; Many resident are left in the COLD!

Can you imagine not having the proper winter wear to face a COLD Baltimore winter? 

Neither can we at Love In The Park, Beacon of Light Church and the United Nation of Individuals Fighting Impossibilities (UNIFI).

For many families in Baltimore, specifically in Park Heights, necessity often dictates that shelter, heat and electricity often take precedence over coats and other proper winter clothing, which leaves many families, including children, in the cold! 


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UNIFI has established a number of partnerships and collaborations, and has co-sponsored a variety of events and programs with groups throughout the region a list that keeps growing. Join UNIFI in being the catalyst for business development, community revitalization, arts and cultural enrichment in Washington, DC, Prince George's County and Baltimore, MD!






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